Victris History and Timeline

Victris Dynasty

573.M37: The then Major Victoria Victris assigned a Warrant of Trade for her actions during an ork insurrection. Grand-Admiral Nathan Ziinkullys was impressed by her unorthodox methods, and sent the request for the award of The Warrant upwards. However, rumours spread in the lower ranks that the Grand-Admiral and the other senior officers were worried when Major Victris’ popularity among the lower officers disrupted the chain of command, and the awarding of the Warrant of Trade was both a blessing and a punishment.
Major … Lord-Captain Victoria Victris also got a new Sword Class Frigate, The Ancestral Grace, and retained her Tyrant Class Cruiser, Adaman Incendia (Unyielding Fire). Her daughter Luscio took control of The Ancestral Grace, while Victoria stayed in Incendia.
The newly founded dynasty goes into its, so far, best and longest golden age. Known as “A New Dawn” in Victris’ history books.

322-348.M39: The Victris Dynasty, now led by Syrilie Victris, puts its Significant military resources together with those of the later famous Saint Drusus, and follows him all through the Angevin Crusade. For his actions in the war Syrilie was awarded a Flag-rank (Rear-Admiral), who remained in the dynasty for a long time.

436.M39: The system CS.267-x89 is colonized by Lord-Captain Stanham Victris and renamed “Victoria”. Victris Dynasty keeps a strong grip over the Imperial World Victoria Primaris, and Hive World Victoria Secundus, with 75+% control over all business operations of the two planets.

463.M40: The Victris Dynasty did its part as the Cauldron of Savagery broke away from the Great Warp Storms. The losses in life and firepower on the side of the Dynasty are kept to a minimum, when the then Lord-Captain Murielle Victris had time and again, both before and after this incident, proved to be the best naval strategist since Victoria Victris (canonised in the dynasty).

983.M40: The Victris Dynasty’s grip on its “own” system decreases, and controls now only 29% of the planetary businesses, although they are still the greatest family of nobles in the system. The Victris family has spread to over 60% of the planets in the Calixis Sector, and they usually have several branches or shares in many businesses. Parts of the Dynasty whispers outraged that the leading noblemen / women have forgotten and forsaken their military heritage. The relationship with the Navy in Calixis sectorn is strained.

305.M41: During an expedition in The Expanse the current Rogue Trader Alexandrians Victris encounter the worst event in the history of the Dynasty. Most of the Victris Navy is caught in between two warpstorms with dramatic consequences. Alexandri himself, along with his flagship Adaman Incendia disappear without a trace and the rest of the fleet is hammered apart by the storms. Only the frigate The Ancestral Grace survive relatively unscathed and it groups up with the two remaining ships, a Havoc-class raider and a Tempest-class Frigate, which at the time was undergoing repairs at Port Wander. This setback is one that the Dynasty until now have not recovered from and it accelerated an already downward trend in influence. A total of 13 ships, and over 300,000 people consumed by the storms, and the cruiser Adaman Incendia is still gone.
This day is “celebrated” every year with a big banquet at Victoria Primaris. Innovative members who want to break away from the more aggressive tactics tend to use this day to drive more “secure” business opportunities.

816.M41: After Pergon Victris death the Dynasty split into two separate groups. Lazar Victris stays at Victoria Primaris, and want to forego The Warrant of Trade in favor of governorship and “safer” trade. Kennoch Victris manages to seize The Warrant of Trade to himself along with The Ancestral Grace, travelling towards the Koronus Expanse in pursuit of new wealth.

Victris History and Timeline

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