Gaeiel Secundus


Population: 3 233 984

Tech-level: Imperial Standard


The city is unofficially renamed “Hope” and is ruled by Rina Gaeiel, the sister of Varius Gaeiel. There is widespread poverty and food shortage is another issue in the hive-structured city. Rina Gaeiel has stripped the city nobles of their titles and imposed several taxes, mostly for the former nobility, and is unsuccessfully trying to redistribute wealth throughout the city.

The underhive is ruled by Gabo, leader of the Steelborns. He is popular with the poor citizens.

The nobles of Gaeiel Secundus is highly annoyed and frustrated at the government.

The ecclesiarchy of Gaeiel Secundus does not fully approve the way Rina Gaeiel rules and there is a common belief that the Emperor’s Light does no longer shine on their city. That is something they want to change.

Gaeiel Secundus

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