The Red Hand

Cults, Gangs and Rebels


Members (approx.): Unknown (Approximately 40 000)

Strength: Unknown (2 Cobra-class Destroyers, one given as tribute to Victris Dynasty)


Led by Captain Isaac Jonel (currently imprisoned at Svard), The Red Hand is a group of working-class separatists having the independence of Svard as their goal, stating that they are tired of their oppression by the nobility. Their acts of piracy have disrupted the trade to and from the Svard System, putting Svard in a state of famine.

Threat level: 3/10

The Victris Dynasty arrived just in time to prevent a full scale riot at Svard, swiftly dispatching the ringleaders aboard the two pirate vessels, bringing Captain Isaac Jonel to justice.

The Red Hand

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