Ruff and self-absorbed


To: Lord-Captain Victris From: The Master of Wispers

At your orders, I have put together a report on High Factotum Crimson. Not much is confirmed, but instead based on individual observations or rumors. I have, however, in cases where it has been possible to refer to the records or reports that are presently available to me.

It is said that the Crimson was raised on Ofirus IV a Hive-world in the Calixis Sector. Not much is known about her life there, but according to young Lady Mifune Victris Crimson has mentioned that she had a harsh and violent upbringing. Together with the fact that she has no pace and the fact that she is missing all kind of social fines and that she is very brutish so stands it that she probably comes from the lower classes or from something even worse. When she, according to my calculations, was about 17 years The Sharp Tang Heresy occurred in the Ofirius system. As you may already know this heresy cast by a group of tyranidis cultists who called themselves The Sharp Tang. After the evacuation of the essential social strata, the heresy was strock down to the last man women an child. How Crimson managed to get out of there in time is at the present unknown. However, there is no indication that she has or had any contact with other refugees from Ofirus. Together with other refugees, she arrived at Port Wonder. What actually takes place there for the five months she spent there is a mystery. It is however possible to determine with certainty that in her stays fourth month, was arrested and sentenced to death by Lord Lieutenant-Genaral Alaric Haxtes, a sentence how was upheld by the Adeptus Atbites. Shortly before her execution the sentence was changed to the mutilation. After that Crimson’s eyes was mutilated, she was released and what happened the last month are completely unknown. The next information we have about her is from Lord Logar Victris who met her in some kind of club on his visit on Port Wonder. I understand that fond himself quite fond of her and as you know, it was he who proposed the recruitment of her. It is highly probable that Lord Logar Victris still is fond of her. I base this conception on that he asked First Officer Hultgran to transfer her to Svard in the same band as his his appointment as a member of The Crystal Council, a request that First Officer Hultgran rejected.

To be continued…


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